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Blenheim Palace Gets Ready For Christmas

Blenheim Palace has cut its biggest Christmas Trees ready to decorate for the 2016 festive season. The 10 Norway Spruces, the biggest standing at an incredible 25ft tall, have taken up to 25 years to grow.

In order to fell such a large tree the Forestry Team must clear the area before making a cut, it then takes Forestry Foreman Nick Baimbridge just one minute to complete the fell! The trees are bound with rope to bring in the branches leaving the tree as natural as it can be.

Roy Cox, Rural Manager says: “Each year we plant approximately 2,000 of our Blenheim Palace Christmas Trees. These 20ft Norway Spruces are very special, taking a long time to mature properly and will look magnificent outside the Palace this festive season.”

He continues: “We take a sustainable approach to growing the Blenheim Palace Christmas Trees, planting more each year than we cut and checking every tree for nesting birds and wildlife before any felling takes place.”

These giants will be used to decorate the Great Courtyard at Blenheim Palace this Christmas using over 2,400 yards of fairy lights to create the glorious festive atmosphere.

As well as the  trees destined to decorate the Palace Courtyard, Blenheim Palace also donate over 50 trees to local schools, Churches, Parish Councils and Public areas.