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Maritime Music Festival

Saturday, November 18, 2017 to Sunday, November 19, 2017

Visit the Museum of London Docklands and embrace the area’s proud maritime heritage at the Maritime music festival on 18 & 19 November.

At the height of the British Empire in 1897, the Royal Navy continuously patrolled the high seas. As well as inventions like the gimlet cocktail and radar detection, Britain’s sailors can also be thanked for spreading their sea shanties to the world, as jolly shipmen sang their way into folklore as they sailed the seas. Whether it’s trying your hand at poetry in a rhyming session, learning knot tying skills just like the mariners of yesteryear or learning to sing like a sailor in a sea shanty session, the Maritime music festival gives everyone a chance to embrace the naval tradition. There will be a number of sea shanty crews performing at this free family festival, with highlights including Hughie Jones, whose albums with The Spinners hit the charts numerous times over the years.